The Wildfire Ranch: A Place to Contribute to a Better Society

Inspired by my experience at Good Will-Hinckley, I’ve started my own orphanage: the Wildfire Ranch.

In my previous video, I spoke about being an orphan and growing up in the foster care system.

For me, the experience wasn’t pretty: I often felt isolated, scared, and ignored—like a frightened puppy. As a child, I didn’t receive the adequate attention, education, or love I needed. Admittedly, I wasn’t easy to deal with, but with the proper management, could my childhood have been different?

What made such a big difference in my life, and the lives of many others, is when I had the opportunity to attend Good Will-Hinckley, a school/farm for boys and girls located in Maine. It was there that I finally found a place I fit in—a place to call home, providing safety and security. A place to grow and be accountable to yourself, with a proper schedule of responsibilities and duties.

It was staffed with teachers and caregivers who were qualified to guide us on our path. Though I didn’t realize it until my early 20s, I eventually understood that if I wasn’t saved by Good Will-Hinckley’s values, tools, and education, it was likely that I would’ve become a burden to myself, others, and society at large.

That’s why I’ve taken action. Children are vulnerable. They’re precious, and they depend on our care. They’re also our future, and worthy of our resources. When Good Will-Hinckley closed after 100+ years of service, I decided to replicate their sense of safety and security and create my own company that would follow their mission.

C.A.R.E. Network Realty was created to fund our own orphanage: the Wildfire Ranch. We’re going through the process of finding the land, and we believe there is a person or family out there who will give us this land with the assurance that if the ranch ever ceases to exist on that land, it would revert back to the heirs or grantor.

The ranch will have several houses on the property. These facilities will help kids learn everyday skills, from teamwork, to general education, to things like mechanics and electrical repair. The staff will be able to share their knowledge about these fields, and there will be added value placed on work ethic and education.

I remember at Good Will-Hinckley that we all had a job on campus in the afternoon, and there was something special about the sense of community it fostered. At C.A.R.E. Network Realty and the Wildfire Ranch, we want to create a meaningful difference that will last generations for children and the surrounding community.

Can you imagine the ripple effect of this? The unintended benefit of more people contributing to a better society?

If you support our mission, like our Facebook page or leave a message in the comment section. If you have any questions about this topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you.

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