Ripple Effect 

The Ripple Effect is the unintended benefit that C.A.R.E. agents will have on the increased quality of life within themselves, the community and charities both local and nationwide. 

By donating 5% of all commission and through the marketing efforts that focus on contribution and the growth of those in need, we believe that this increased interest in social causes will have a massive effect on society as a whole. If we may be able to help change the consumer perception of what companies should be obligated to do (give back and support their people) to function and prosper in society then this will ultimately change the market environment that we leave in; described here as the Ripple Effect.

Ultimately, leading to a more unified community with increased fulfillment as the service that is based on connection to others and the causes they care about the most will bring people together.

The unintended benefit of massive charitable action