Founder's Story

I founded C.A.R.E. Network Realty as a result of a deeply painful and personal journey that started when I was three years old. I experienced being homeless, neglected, and abandoned by my mother who struggled with addiction. When I was seven I was kidnapped, and locked in a room by a person that wanted to keep me away from school and anything to do with the outside world so nobody knew where I was. After a year they could no longer handle me, so they shipped me back. No one showed up at my guardianship court hearing, that's when I officially became a ward of the state. 

Today I can say that I not only endured but survived more than twelve years of failed adoptions, temporary stays in 46 foster homes, and shelters, I couldn’t find a real home. This was a time that led to years of unrest and anxiety but provided me the strength I had to build strong connections with those around me.

At age 16 I finally found safety at a children's home called Good Will-Hinckley home school farm for boys and girls. For the first time in my life, I was surrounded by loving and Christian role-models. Through this experience, my entire outlook on life began to change. I began to understand that only I was in control of my life. I discovered and developed the foundation for being a stable and successful professional.

However after leaving Good Will-Hinckley I went down a path I knew was taking me nowhere good. It wasn't until my early 20 when I was at a really low point. That I make the decision to adopt an attitude of gratitude and accountability. I established stronger relationships with my foster parents from the children's home Dan and Alissa. After a couple of years I saw Hinckley lose their funding and close down. So I set on a mission to create sustainable funding for the Wildfire Ranch, my own children home charity. 

During my quest for the Wildfire Rance I found the opportunity to make a much bigger impact with C.A.R.E Network Realty. I realized this was not about what I was going to get from the wildfire ranch, it was much bigger than me, it was about what we can offer to our community. So now what started out as a sad and difficult story has been the fuel that feeds the burning desire of helping others, and accomplishing my goals.